TLS 055: Interview with Tutti Rouge designer- Jessica Prebble

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  OK! I love this lady!   Meet Jessica Prebble – designer of Tutti Rouge.  My first UK skype interview but we met in NYC where I was able to see her collection of full cup, fun, flirty bras at price points that would make you twirl in happiness!.., or at the very least buy 2 sets!   As you know, I’m a quality snob and I was so happy after wearing one of her signature seamed cup style that the support was there!  Cute factor – no brainer for Jessica  but, if the bra doesn’t do it’s job, it doesn’t work…, and these WORK!  Jessica plays with prints and color to accommodate  a youthful full cup customer  ( …, and just because I said “youthful” does not mean an age limit!)


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