Dress to de-stress – bedhead pjs

pj mus

“Let’s face it.  We live in a fast paced, over scheduled world.  I have no one blame for my schedule but myself.  Every year, I promise myself to slow down, cut back,  lower stress or start a hobby…, and while I may not have changed everything in my life, I did purchase what I call stress free outfits.  To me, nothing wears “stress-free” more than a great pair of PJ’s.  I literally exhale when they are on and while my entire vision of a restructured, “yoga-esque”  life is not in place yet, I can rely on jumping into  these sweet … Read more

for my dad – Anita Active

for my dad

“I lost my dad to heart disease when I was only 16 (he was only 55). He never got the chance to see me grow up and meet my kids. I knew that my purpose was to help other people become healthier. That’s why I became a Personal Trainer. Exercise for me is the best form of stress relief. I feel the most confident when I’m wearing my exercise clothes and of course a great fitting Anita sports bra!”

Lisa Forsyth | Anita

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Journey to Baby – Bravado


“After three years of infertility, 146 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, ‎buying my nursing bra was more than a purchase, it was a victory that my baby was coming home.”

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Life & inspiration – Christine lingerie

christine rainbow

“Having Cancer, to me, was a gift. It stopped me in my tracks. It made me rest in the unknown. There was no fear. Since then, some things have become more clear and I use that understanding of beauty and simplicity every day particularly when I am creating my designs.” owner/ designer Christine Morton (Photo KK Law)

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confidence is ageless – simone perele

confidence is agelss

“ I have certainly collected my share of beautiful lingerie and love going through my lingerie drawer. They look like pieces of art when all lined up.  I have always loved and appreciated lingerie.  Lingerie makes women feel confident. With age, we appreciate our confidence and it comes from within. When a woman at any age is confident (I’ll be 71 soon),  it shines through every layer of clothing they wear.”

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Dont Judge Too Quickly – Knixwear

IMG_0823“As an entrepreneur of a growing company you really need to put yourself “out there”.  Focus on my looks, my age, rather than my brand vision was sometimes a prejudgement I experienced.  That is why I have placed such importance on having a strong voice with my brand.  Knixwear was developed to blend women of all ages, shapes and needs…, with no judgements.”

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