Posted by on April 3, 2016

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Underwear Ambush

Listen to the first of our series “Underwear Ambush” where Deedee ropes Amanda into opening up her underwear drawer to bare all for Deedee’s professional eye and opinion.  All with the goal to learn what does Amanda consider first layer worthy? – Also, for Deedee to hopefully see some big wins, where she can encourage Amanda to edit and where Amanda may want to add something new!   The result?  Not bad!  Aside from the “whanh-whanhhhh”  granny panty, Amanda did have a lot of various styles – bikini briefs, seamless hipster shortys and hi cut briefs (no thongs though – just sayin’).  Amanda also had various fabrics –microfiber, cotton, and nylon laces.

The take away? Amanda felt pretty damn good about her skivvy collection after Deedee’s feedback.  However, she can race it up a bit …, and bring in some red.

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