Posted by on April 10, 2016

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simone-perele-smpr01-12b318-gszListen to our special retail guest Amie Heenan – a 15 year lingerie expert and one of the owners of the very popular Melmira Bra and Swimsuits located in the heart and hustle of midtown Toronto, ON.  Melmira specializes in custom bra and swimsuit fittings and philosophy is to treat every single person that walks in their door like family, because they are a family-run business.

In this podcast, Amie helps out one of The Lingerie Stories’ subscribers with their question – “I hate seamed bras but everyone says I should try one.  Can you convert me?”

Both Deedee and Amie agree that a common comment from consumers about seamed bras is that the seams or lace on the bra show through clothes but guess what – you aren’t fooling any one!  We all know you are wearing a bra!  And in fact, its more and more common and on trend to show some of your bra and/or laces.

Listen to Amie’s expert advice about seams being sexy, feminine and functional that work FOR you and do wonders for your body shape.

Amie explains that “seamed bras distribute the weight of the breast in the cup – they lift the breast up and in and therefore minimizing your whole body.”

Not all seemed bras are made the same.  Amie will explain another misconception women have – that seamed bras only create a pointed shape however, there are seamed bras that create a multitude of options of shape for everyone.

Lastly, hear Amie address her point of view on the T-shirt bra.  While still popular, Amie will explain why they create a lower, rounder and fuller shape.  So hopefully after listening to this podcast, you will all embrace and buy a seamed bra after a visit to Melmira Bra and Swimsuits for a proper fitting.

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