TLS 051: New Brand Alert – Hear the story of how Changewear was built

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Meet Michelle Judson and Samantha White – the ladies behind a new bra brand called Changewear.  A four in one bra built out of a passion to create an answer for many women.  Hear their inspirational and journey on creating their vision and have a few laughs as well!… Read more

TLS 050; Padded Lingerie 101, and more!

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WOW !!!  Our 50th podcast!  time flies when you’re having fun and meeting incredible people! This one means a lot because  its with my gal who believed in my podcast idea from the beginning!  Listen to Amanda and I doing what we do best – gabbing and laughing about life with lingerie…, padded lingerie that is!

 … Read more

TLS 048: The Ladies of The Lingerie Selection

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Meet the ladies of The Lingerie Selection – Maggie Gillette; designer of The Giving Bride,  Alessandra Baker; designer of  Alessandra Mackenzie and Melissa Franchi; designer of Nevaeh Intimates.  These talented ladies not only design their own collections but also launched an exclusive trade experience showcasing a select group of luxury lingerie, loungewear and accessories brands in an intimate setting and a very un-tradeshow-like experience.  Listen to them talk about how they met, created, launched both the The Lingerie Selection and their own brands!

feature and home page photo cred – The Read more

TLS 047: Lingerie Brief’s Ellen Lewis indepth recap of Salon de la Lingerie and Interfiliere

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Listen to Ellen Lewis from Lingerie Briefs discuss her experience recently at the Paris Salon International de la Lingerie and the Interfiliere show. This podcast delves a bit more personally into Ellen’s insights gleaned from attending these expositions.  Ellen looks for in new lingerie and swimwear trends, fabrics and how the industry is influenced.  It you have ANY interest in lingerie this is a must listen!… Read more

TLS 046: Valentine Lingerie Gifts you really want!

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Have you ever had a Valentines Gift epic fail or received one?  It’s a big bummer, right?   With Valentines Day quickly approaching you may want to have your partner listen to our podcast for Lingerie suggestions that you will actually wear!  Valentines Day is a time to make your loved one feel special ( ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!)  When I feel special, I feel confident, glamorous and comfortable.  In this podcast, we cover bra , lingerie and robe ideas all based on these qualities and I promise we have set you (and your … Read more

TLS 045: Interview with Infinite Milk blogger; Emily Wofford

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Emily Wofford is an influencer, curator & the creative director behind Infinite Milk.  It represents the curious, the practical and the ones who want to embrace life fully with both their heart and mind.

With 12K instagram followers, Emily’s gorgeous photos of her positive and free spirited body image portray her zest for the art of holistic sensuality.  Listen to Emily discuss all about her blogging journey and how she does not conform to the perfection of social media but rather offers incredibly authentic and unique advice on … Read more

TLS 044: Confessions of a Lingerie Podcaster

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With The Lingerie Stories now being almost a year old, I get a lot of questions about myself – “What’s YOUR story?”  I’ve noticed that I usually answer with a glossy  “industry” focused answer thinking that would cover it because well, I have about 20 years to talk about.  But more people ask about the “real” me.  Well…, the real me is a pretty content, upbeat, outgoing, creative, driven person, with a lot of friends in and outside of the lingerie industry – OH!..,  and did I Read more

TLS 043: Ask Amie – Sports Bra Shopping – All you need to know!

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Okayyy,  so we get it.  We are all over saturated with the social media quotes-  “New Year – New You”, “It’s time for change!”, “Dream big- lose the weight!”   blah, blah, blahhhhh.  Want to lose weight? Great!  Want not to? Great too!  But we felt it was still a good time to post our next podcast about SPORTS BRAS because what we CAN definitely help control and support if you choose to go on new a exercise journey; are your BREASTS!   Now,  open your underwear drawer and dig deep, noooooo, deeper – alllll … Read more

TLS 042: Interview with Tina Wilson

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Meet Tina Wilson!  This was such a fun podcast for me because like myself, Tina is a new contributor at Lingerie Briefs.  Tina has a bi-monthly column called  “Fashion Illustrations” that you can find in the in The Gallery section on Lingerie Briefs.

Tina is currently a co-founder and creative director of Marronage  – a wearable and non wearable brand launching early 2017 that will take you on a journey far from unfulfillment and into a world of inspiration, beauty and community.  Tina’s impressive career history will … Read more