Posted by on June 21, 2016

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lsToday we are talking to a friend and colleague of mine – Liliana Mann, a former architect, who turned her passion for lingerie and design towards a drastic shift into the lingerie industry.  Lili started with designing and producing a widely successful sleepwear brand called Romantic Nights, and then parlayed her wholesale experience to the retail side by opening the now award winning “Best of Intima” retail company – Linea Intima, now, in its 19th year.  Throughout those years, Lili became a lingerie expert, bra-fitter extraordinaire and has elevated bra-fitting to an art form.  She says her mission is to improve women’s lives, one bra at a time!, beginning with the most important step – a professional bra-fitting at one her 5 locations in Ontario  –  2 in Toronto, and one in Etobicoke, Oakville, and London.   In addition,  Lili has mentored several new lingerie retailers, and has provided expert advice on many TV and radio segments.

So, We have a lot of talk about!

Linea Intima


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