Posted by on October 4, 2016

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bg-storefrontBeing that it is October and also Breast Cancer awareness month – we felt it is important to discuss the process of buying for your needs after breast cancer surgery.  Understandably this is a very sensitive and emotional time so knowing what to expect can help with your next journey post operation.  We have Amie Heenan back from Melmira Bra and Swim Boutique who has worked with several women with breast cancer.  Amie will guide you through the entire buying process starting with preparing for the appointment, what to expect during the appointment and then how to continue with care and upkeep of your needs after the appointment.  Amie will discuss the importance of the woman’s mental and physical needs, knowing what styles of breast forms and bras are best for your needs and even what government coverage you are entitled to.  Women who have been through breast cancer are warriors and our goal is to be there in every way we can.

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