Posted by on October 18, 2016

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ellen-lewisThe Lingerie Stories is beyond excited to collaborate with Ellen Lewis, the principal partner of the virtual lingerie boutique!  We have some exciting future projects coming up, but to start our journey together- we thought it would be fitting to get an in depth look at the beginnings and current state of Ellen Lewis’ lingerie story!

The merchandise Ellen features on Lingerie Briefs are all products she has personally reviewed and what she would be proud to carry in my own shop.  It’s an artistic and literary destination providing insight to both the Lingerie Industry and Lingerie Consumer.

Ellen, now a world renowned lingerie expert, has curated her impeccable taste and eye for lingerie fashion throughout the past 30 years, with experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial environment of the lingerie industry.  Part of her past experience involves being a buyer and VP of Intimate apparel at Macy’s as well as a product development for Victoria’s Secret when at Nap, New York.  Ellen also launched several brands including Jacalyn Bennett Lingerie.   Ellen’s love of the written word and her knowledge of the Intimate Apparel Market inspired her to create Lingerie Briefs in 2009 – with her mission to identify quality, wherever it lives.


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