Posted by on January 10, 2017

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Okayyy,  so we get it.  We are all over saturated with the social media quotes-  “New Year – New You”, “It’s time for change!”, “Dream big- lose the weight!”   blah, blah, blahhhhh.  Want to lose weight? Great!  Want not to? Great too!  But we felt it was still a good time to post our next podcast about SPORTS BRAS because what we CAN definitely help control and support if you choose to go on new a exercise journey; are your BREASTS!   Now,  open your underwear drawer and dig deep, noooooo, deeper – alllll the way to the back – look for the bra that looks like the desperate puppy at the pet store –  the neglected, broken down , probably too small , maybe dusty, old sports bras – did you find it?  Great!  Now throw that out.   Okay!!! GOOD!  Because we have our co host Amie Heenan from Melmira Bra and Swim back for another segment of ASK AMIE and she’s going to talk about SPORTS BRAS 101!  Absolutely everything you need to know about these incredibly important bras for an incredibly important you!  (every day of the year!)


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