Posted by on January 17, 2017

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With The Lingerie Stories now being almost a year old, I get a lot of questions about myself – “What’s YOUR story?”  I’ve noticed that I usually answer with a glossy  “industry” focused answer thinking that would cover it because well, I have about 20 years to talk about.  But more people ask about the “real” me.  Well…, the real me is a pretty content, upbeat, outgoing, creative, driven person, with a lot of friends in and outside of the lingerie industry – OH!..,  and did I mention that I suffer from a mental health issue?  NO?  Well, I do and let’s talk about it.  I have a sometimes debilitating negative body image.  This podcast is MY story, and I hope if I can connect with one person with this not cured (yet) issue I have, then I’ve made a difference today.  97% of women today will have an “I hate my body moment.”  97%!!   If you haven’t subscribed or listened to The Lingerie Stories podcast yet, I do hope you start with this one. and please pass it onto a friend who may benefit from it as well.  I’m taking the right steps on working this out for myself and want to share my journey in order to support others that they are not alone!  Let’s do this together. 





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